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Agent Jack 


CLIENT:                    ICE SPICE
TYPE:                        THEME BAR
AREA:                        6'000 ft²
YEAR:                        2018
STATUS:                   COMPLETED 

Agent Jack's bar is India's first theme bar where customers can negotiate prices of their own drinks with a virtual bartender known as Agent Jack. Agent Jack was designed as a rustic bar, were aesthetic is no-frills with a whole lot of style. Distressed wood, brick, stone, and mortar, as well as stools built for men who know how to handle their drink: these are the rustic bar’s essentials, and each joint depends on a new story each time 

AJENT JACK  (1) - Copy (1).JPG
AJENT JACK  (7) - Copy (1).JPG
AJENT JACK  (14) - Copy (3).JPG
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