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CLIENT:                    ARCIL
TYPE:                        COMMERCIAL INTERIORS
AREA:                        25,000 ft²
YEAR:                        2011
STATUS:                   COMPLETED

SMSTUDIO worked with ARCIL’s team to design a workplace that increases productivity and accommodates new ways of working. The design also helps ARCIL standardize technology use, increase spontaneous interaction and collaboration, and improve employee health and wellness by encouraging movement in the office, which are inturn lined with series of artwork that come together like an art museum.
The space includes open-plan offices and enclosed meeting areas as well as private CABINS FOR THE LEADERSHIP TEAM. New adjacencies make it easier for teams and individuals to collaborate.

All cabins were lined at the façade, but natural light travels through the façade into the workstation areas through glass partitions. The workspace is finished in a warm, neutral palette of earth tones. Open collaboration furniture incorporates splashes of color at the colab area. 

A café that accommodates 50 people encourages a shift from the “eat at your desk” culture and serves as a gathering space for employees. The reception and client area has been keep at the innermost side, facing the central atrium of the tower, giving views to the voluminous chandelier installed by “THE RUBY and direct access to meeting space for visitors. SMSTUDIO collaborated with ARCIL to develop and implement a change management process that helped employees prepare for the move and adapt to their new workplace.

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