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CLIENT:                    SREI
TYPE:                        GUEST HOUSE
AREA:                        50,000 ft²

YEAR:                        2013
STATUS:                   COMPLETED

Located in the heart of Pedder road, just opposite ANTILLA, Avantika is an 8 storied Guest house tower retrofitted by SREI, catering to their high profile patrons. As per the client’s vision, interiors of individual apartments were envisaged as chic luxury!!
Reception lobby, cafe & gymnasium is designed to make a fine impression, using simple elements with underlining elegance. Art & Sculptures were premeditated to blend into the space subtly. The Facility also houses a 10,000 sq. ft business center & a huge double height bulgarian concept designed banquet hall.  
The lobby maintains the required refinement that helps transition into the vibrant public areas as easily as to the serene private zone. At Avantika, ethnic meets modern helping grooming seamless connection between spaces with varied moods!!

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