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bandra residence


CLIENT:                    PRIVATE CLIENT
TYPE:                        RESIDENTIAL INTERIORS
AREA:                        9000 ft²
YEAR:                        2008
STATUS:                   COMPLETED

The site is located amidst the busy bustling city of Mumbai, wherein its neighbourhood is sprawling settlements of varied types and cultures representing reminiscence of decades of history in truly metropolitan way. A conscious effort to cut off city’s buzz and to have a calm & mood setting environment within the house was achieved by rational approach of design. 
There are a couple of design elements which makes a genuine symphony of client’s requirement. The frameless glass at the entrance which continues inside, gives uninterrupted view of the adjacent lawn.

The public and private life are combined in a shielded open plan form – where at one time it is an extrovert design where all the spaces blends into a single entity, or else just shuts itself like an introvert, cutting public spaces from private spaces. The public spaces are business lounge & bar, office space and living spaces whereas private spaces forms bedrooms, kitchen & dining spaces. 
Being constructed on the top most floor of a very conventional type of apartment building in Indian setting, all the basic structural elements & services are well camouflage with exterior and interior design elements which becomes the feature of the house. 
Traces of color are splashed around in the furnishing and usage of traditional patterns in panelling adds a touch of warmth in the otherwise clean cut elegant design.

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