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Choksi Bungalow

LOCATION:              JUHU , MUMBAI.

CLIENT:                    HINDUSTAN PLATINUM 
TYPE:                        RESIDENCE BUNGALOW
AREA:                        12,500 ft²
YEAR:                        2008
STATUS:                   COMPLETED

We took on the challenge of creating an UBER chic yet, luxurious residential bungalow against The client’s brief of a contemporary abode with a diversity of rooms to support the large family’s varied interests.
To accomplish this task, WE punctured the otherwise cube with double height sky courts giving the same a very Swedish look. Also as one enters this multistory bungalow, there is a central garden which many of the rooms overlook into. For individual spaces, we have brought in a spacious feel by having larger windows for the homes, orienting the windows such that no two face each other directly.
A chic, fashionable design with a minimal look was opted throughout, & to achieve the same a stylish blend of stone, raw concrete and actual wooden planks were used across to create varying moods. "Go Green" stayed the underlining requirement throughout !! The house comes fully equipped with solar panels, led lights, vrf cooling systems & a solar water heating facility as well. 

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