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CLIENT:                    KOHLER , INDIA
TYPE:                        COMMERCIAL INTERIORS
AREA:                        11,000 ft²
YEAR:                        2021
STATUS:                   COMPLETED

As global working dynamics shifted in the post-pandemic world, Kohlers new workspace at WTC, Pune which was constructed by JLL was ready to meet the challenge head-on. The new office for Kohlers Manufacturing arm, invited employees to return to a redefined work environment that broke down traditional barriers of hierarchy while driving open conversation and collaboration.
Using the principles of participatory design, the input of employees was key in creating a hybrid office space that would foster employee engagement and connection, while catering to their diverse needs for a productive workday. Beyond this, the workspace integrates Kohlers corporate values and philosophy of work, emphasizing sustainability, brand identity, functionality, and employee well-being in the design — setting a new standard that meets the evolving needs of today’s workforce.

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