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dahanu farmhouse


CLIENT:                    PRIVATE CLIENT
TYPE:                        RESIDENCE BUNGALOW
AREA:                        2500 ft²
YEAR:                        2009
STATUS:                   COMPLETED

Slipped into a heavily contoured site, this residential compound is composed of semipublic &  private spaces over an existing chikoo farm. The architecture integrates environmental sensitivity with an elaborate program, by means of green technology to its fullest.
The house is located at the highest point on the landscape and is practically invisible from the main rd. 
 The entry to the house is enmarked by a colossal entrance portal ,that hides away the 14 feet long sliding gate. As one approaches the house, the pathway floor finish in local stone has been demarcated with a raised ledge, that also serves as a seating during large gatherings.

The entire house is elevated in the front end by 4 feet high platform, finished in flamed black granite stone and is flanged by staggering steps  on one side and  pockets of green on the other.
The raised plinth accommodates a little plunge pool which is connected to the master bathroom, forming its bathtub.. This creates an illusion of a seamless pool. The black stone finish further flows into the bedroom and forms the bed platform. 
The entry to the house is defined by a canopy with its gargoyle detail, which forms an interesting feature to disburse the rain water... The entrance facade is a composition of reused wood formed with a bar coded pattern allowing an interesting play of light and shade...

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