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Heera Blue Waters

CLIENT:                    HEERA DEVELOPERS TYPE:                        RESIDENTIAL INTERIORS AREA:                        3500 ft² YEAR:                        2013 STATUS:                   COMPLETED

Located on a highly contoured site overlooking the Akolam river, this house is an interesting contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional Mediterranean home. Built of ideal square cube- shaped sections, the rooms are determined by the house’s external form, juxtaposed with huge windows to capture the views around.
The large windows make use of natural light and are interspaced with smaller once that light specific areas variably in the house & also frame the horizons.

The entire house is divided in to public & private spaces. To make the spaces highly cohesive & interactive the public spaces of the house like living, dinning & family rooms along with the kitchen are given an entire open feel .. Informal demarcations between the spaces to give the required feel of definition to function have been provided by dividing screens or huge sliding doors. Alternatively, the same have been binded together by use of common material pallets.
The public spaces not only define high level of luxury in terms of look and feel but are further accentuated by used of automated lighting controls , integrated security system , entertainment  and HVACs controls as well..

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