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heera high life

LOCATION:              KERALA

CLIENT:                    HEERA DEVELOPERS
TYPE:                        RESIDENTIAL INTERIORS
AREA:                        2500 ft²
YEAR:                        2012
STATUS:                   COMPLETED

This elegant, yet another show flat is defined by modern details and luxurious style.  Our designers focused on impressive design features that play with the architecture, planes, and materials giving the home an open and dimensional feel. The interior spaces flow easily into one another despite the homes very straight linear lines echoed throughout.
The goal of this project was to incorporate some of the owner’s beloved existing art and furnishings into the main interior spaces and bedrooms of this SHOW FLAT.  While keeping the spaces functional and aesthetically pleasing, we used the addition of modern carpentry, designer furnishings, and elegant details that highlighted the Clients treasured artifacts and the homes architectural features. It was indeed a landmark for a place like kowdiyar, in the state Kerala.

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