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Heera Village


CLIENT:                    HEERA DEVELOPERS
TYPE:                        GATED COMMUNITY
AREA:                        25 ACRES
YEAR:                        2014
STATUS:                   UNBUILT

Waking up to a peaceful serenity reserved for the sages on the mountains was the bottom-line while designing “ heera village”. 
As rightly stated, an ideal home is all about the coming together of family and friends. And so at “the heera village” we have stopped at nothing to ensure that a premium residential property here is just that. 
Designed on a steep contoured land spread over 25 acres were a sprawling number of 125 bungalows, a club house, a basketball court, an amphitheater, a tennis court, and a state of the art community center, every day becomes an occasion to get together. The party lounge of the community center opens up right onto the lawn and provides the perfect venue to entertain guests and indulge in some fun & revelry. To add to the delight of young kids a few tree houses lined the landscape !!

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