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Indira Container Terminal


CLIENT:                    GAMMON INDIA
TYPE:                        COMMERCIAL INTERIORS
AREA:                       10,000 ft²
YEAR:                       2014
STATUS:                  COMPLETED

Situated at Indira gate, is a three stored container clearing terminal for Gammon India, built by stacking 21 numbers of, 40’ containers, horizontally & vertically achieving an area of 10,000sft.  The Interiors were connected by slicing the internal walls of these container & strengthening the same with additional posts. This exercise was carried out to give the tight location at the naval base a usable area that would not have been achieved only by going horizontal 
When you are inside the office, it feels like a normal office, while yet being minimal and elegant, the difference is when you step out…to the vast ocean and open horizon!

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