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Lonavala Hotel


CLIENT:                    PRIVATE CLIENT
TYPE:                        HOTEL
AREA:                        20'000 ft²

YEAR:                        2016
STATUS:                   PROPOSAL

The Brief entails design of a 35 key hotel at step levels with a double height entrance lobby , a 250 seat banquet & multi cuisine lounge & bar areas along with spread out public spaces. The design sets out all rooms open onto the lawn, ensuring adequate daylight and exposure to nature though the solar influx does not heat them up in-ordinarily.

To create a vivid screen, we have broken the glass façade with grills, motifs & wood looking e-boards. This façade serves as a shield to the built form from the intense weather conditions, as well as plays with the light & shade to create an interesting interior. This element while breaking the monotony of the glass façade creates a warm & interesting exteriors. 
The terrace houses landscaped garden enhancing the façade while insulating the roof, hence reducing the air conditioning costs.

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