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ozone penthouse

LOCATION:              MALAD , MUMBAI.

CLIENT:                    PRIVATE CLIENT
TYPE:                        RESIDENTIAL INTERIORS
AREA:                        2,000 ft²
YEAR:                        2014
STATUS:                   COMPLETED

The philosophy of design was to challenge notions of tradition, ensuring the purpose of the space and the requirements of the client were met as well .It was through articulation of volumes, spatial relationships, light, tone and texture that we have delivered, considered interior design solutions which were a direct response to the design brief.
This 2000sft serviced duplex apartment, a keystone construction initiative is designed to depart from a flatted experience to a visually stimulating voluminous one, with the timber clad lofty insert.
The entry sequence begins with the double volume inherited from the architecture. The experience is enhanced with clever materiality and play of planes which distinctly identifies different geometries, who perform together to give a visual scale and harmony.

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