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" 5 Design Tips : How to Create a Productive and Functional Office Space"


It’s not enough to rent a space, get some tables, and call that “enough”. Putting some thought into the design of your office is imperative if you want your employees to produce to their fullest.

The design of your office should reflect both your business goals and your company philosophy. 

 If you like teamwork, try setting up your workspace like a newsroom with open areas for quick collaboration and communication between team members!

If your team members need quiet spots for thinking deeply or handling big decisions, it’s smart to create private spaces where they can be alone when needed.


Let creatives be creative!

If you want the best in terms of creativity, most people seem to work more creatively if they’re allowed to be creative in the context of decor. Let them decorate their desks (within acceptable limits, of course) – but don’t stymie the creative flow by forcing employees to work in drab surroundings.


Several studies show the basic color scheme of an office influences how people think. Green, traditionally, is thought to be the most relaxing color (it’s no accident that doctors’ scrubs have traditionally been green!


There’s a measure of privacy in open spaces – so long as many conversations are going on at the same time. If you and a friend walked into a coffee shop and were the only customers talking, you might feel a bit self-conscious – because everyone can hear you and only you.

If that same coffee shop were busy and abuzz with conversations, you’d feel like your conversation was private. After all, everyone’s talking to each other already, and not easily able to hone in on just your conversation.

This plays a role in how you should design your office: open spaces can be private ones too. All it takes is putting enough employees in the same space who need to communicate frequently to perform their jobs.


Choose two words that capture the vibe you want in your space. For instance, if you picked “classy and sleek” that tells you how to style your place. You could go for sleek furniture with a classy touch, maybe with a lot of whites for a polished look in your workspace.

To show how experienced your company is, go for dark wood and aged items when your words are ‘experienced’ & ‘enterprise’.

If you want your place to feel ‘fun’ & ‘creative’ try adding playful decorations like colorful gumball machines and cartoon pictures.

The important thing here is knowing what you want to project, and then bringing in decor that emphasizes how you’d like to be perceived.


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